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What is Superb Health Milwaukee

Primitive Strength For Modern Masses

Superb Health is a collective. A collective of knowledge utilized in the form of strength training. Strength in our eyes is viewed as the ability to move with ease, lift heavy stuff, run fast, swim long, jump high, stretch deep, meditate, be a good person and member of your community.

We teach ancient Eastern Kettlebell and Strength techniques as well as a collective of various breathing and mobility patterns. Our amazing results and feats of strength come from programming, experience and knowledge. The use of Russian Kettlebell training, primitive movement patterns and breathing techniques are what make our system of strength so special.

We believe in community. Keep your community clean, strong and healthy. To do this, we pick up trash and recycle it. We put our money into local businesses. We provide the skills necessary to eat local organic foods at an affordable rate of $1.91 per meal.

Group exercise classes, group nutritional cleanses and personal training at Superb Health all are geared towards the same goal. Inner strength for outer strength. When you achieve this, those around you benefit. Align your mind with your heart and soul and your body will follow. Think positive thoughts for a positive outcome. Clear your life of fear and crave to live brave. This is what we believe at Superb Health. This is what we teach at Superb Health and this is how we live! We are a school of strength. We are students of life. We choose to live a stronger and healthier life to make this world a better place for the next generation and so on.

Strength is an art. Strength is a skill. Be a skilled artist.

About Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch is an RKC Team Leader and The Strength and Conditioning Coach for MSOE University Men's Rowing Team. Nick is also the founder of Superb Health in Milwaukee. Nick has been studying and training in the fitness industry since 2001. Nick trains world class athletes from high school to professional, Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Certification hopefuls, injury rehabilitation and anyone serious about committing to their health and sport. Nick believes everyone has the ability to embrace their inner strength. "Although I won't be your cheerleader or drill Sargent, I will be your guide to better movement which is essential for all athletes and a healthy life."

Titles and achievements
  • RKC Team Leader
  • MSOE University Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Founder of Superb Health
  • Progressive Calisthenics Certified (PCC)
  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Specialist in Sports Conditioning
  • ISSA - Certified Personal Trainer
Featured in:
  • A-List Milwaukee (WI)
  • Onmilwaukee.com (WI)
  • Milwaukee Magazine (WI)
  • Journal Sentinel (WI)
  • Shepherd Express (WI)
  • The Active Pursuit (WI)
  • The Burlington Free Press (VT)
  • The Times Argus (VT)

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